What I’ve Come to Believe

The most important thing to know about me is that I’m a slow learner in anything that is really important in life. But God has been infinitely patient and now I have come to a place where lots of stuff about myself feels settled — not concluded — but settled. (This is not to say that I feel settled with the way humans are to each other or to creation. More than ever that has been unsettling to me as I think about the world my son and our children and grandchildren will inherit . . .but more on that later.)

But here are some of things that I feel very settled about:

  • I’m a slow learner . . . I’ve already said that
  • “Jesus taken seriously by many, Jesus taken joyous by a few” (Leonard Cohen) . . . When it comes to Jesus, I want the joy to trump the serious.
  • Life is a miracle . . . the miracle is all around us.
  • From everything I see in creation, God delights in diversity and abundance . . . and so I try to do the same.
  • Deep hope for humanity comes from a transformed heart.
  • A new heart happens not by some new idea, but being shaped by a journey . . . walking the walk.
  • Being a Christian is about a journey with Jesus, being shaped by his teaching and presence on the Way.
  • It’s all about love – the journey and the Way.
  • You find your life by giving it away.
  • I’m unfinished . . .

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