Endings and Beginnings

It is the season. The earth brown after the snow has disappeared . . . and now the first hints of green.  Mixed feeling.  So loving the spring. But 20 degrees Celsius on the first of April with snow drops in the garden!?.  Strange.  Another sign of climate change that should be changing us  . . . or just another weather anomaly? But the overall message is clear.  Spring is coming.  And so is climate change.

And of course at the heart of the Christian story — this weekend — the story of death and suffering before resurrection.  The mystery of this.

And so it is perhaps fitting that it is now that I end this blog on WordPress to start something new.  The new website for the ministry is now up and running (www.risingspirit.ca.) and I have have moved my blog there.    You can find the blog by following this link:  http://blog.risingspirit.ca/

I hope you visit and keep in touch.  Thank you Word Press.  And thanks for reading, following and commenting on this site. Hope you will follow to my new location.




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