Spring Dreaming

I’m dreaming of daffodils and dandelions. I know it’s crazy and a little premature — why it’s only March in Canada! But with the weather these past days  . . . how can I help myself. It’s a foretaste of what is to come. Yes, there will be still some winter left to be sure. But real hope takes root with this taste of spring — new life irrepressible.
I love daffodils. We carefully brought and transplanted hundreds of bulbs from our farm house where we used to live, to our garden here when we moved to Guelph. With their arrival — and they are poking their heads up out of the ground now — I feel like I am greeted by an old friend. I treasure both their beauty and the story they represent.
I could liken them to my church experience. The heritage of the church and its culture has been cultivated and handed down and passed on to me. It is precious and beautiful. It’s something I in turn want to cultivate and pass on as well.

But what God desires is more insidious and transforming of the whole landscape. Like a dandelion. Billions of seeds. Springing up everywhere — from cracks in sidewalks, to abandoned places, to the first plant to brave toxic lawns of uniformity poisoned by our desire for control and order.

Jesus used the image of a mustard seed. Equally tough, growing in the most unlikely and difficult places. Growing impossibly tall in situations of low water and poor soil but growing and thriving and offering rest and shelter and a home for the birds of the air.
I love that. Something beyond our control. Something irrepressible. Truth and justice and human hearts transformed spring up from an irrepressible love. God’s work. God’s new season.
Do you long for that spring too?


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